An important message about pop-up ads on NALC.INFO

A number of members have recently told us that they are experiencing a higher-than-normal volume of pop-up advertisements while visiting this site. We feel it necessary to let you know that NONE of these advertisements are coming from We tightly control the number of pop-up ads served on our site in order to preserve our users' experience. While such advertising helps us to provide you with free services, we strictly limit the number of these ads that are served to our users thorough the advertisers on the slinks page.

Why, then, are some members experiencing more ads than normal? Here are a couple of likely reasons:

Some web sites provide free software - perhaps to download music or to automatically fill out Internet forms for you - that, in addition to its primary function, allows these companies to serve pop-ups as you surf the web. If you have recently downloaded one of these applications, it is likely the cause of the pop-up ads you are receiving. Many web sites serve a pop-up ad when you leave their site to visit another.
So, if you get a pop-up ad on the home page, it's not coming from us.
We do NOT serve these ads on our home page.
So, what can you do? Your best bet is to find out more information about any software application you have recently downloaded.

If it's causing pop-ups to be served, you can either:

Contact the company/web site directly, asking if it offers a version of the software that does not serve pop-up ads, or if you can deactivate them. Or, just permanently remove the software from your computer. We hope this helps you better understand why you may be experiencing pop-up ads when visiting - and on other web sites, that turn things so dilatory. We regret any inconvenience you are experiencing.
Thank you for making your home on the Internet.

Free Popup Blocker available at Google
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The Brothers & Sisters at the NALC.INFO Team.